Adiman, Effam 1a

Married Name Adiman, Effam 1a
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth     Birth of Effam (Wife of Peter Adiman)  
Marriage (Bride)     Marriage of Peter Adaman & Effam 1a 2a
Residence 1651-08-31 Aberford, Yorkshire, England Resides at Aberford, Yorkshire 1b
Death about 1691-02-04 Aberford, Yorkshire, England Death of Effam Adiman 1a 2a
Burial 1691-02-04 St. Ricarius' Church, Aberford, Yorkshire, England Burial of Effam Adiman 1a 2a


Family of Adaman, Peter and Adiman, Effam

Unknown Partner Adaman, Peter ( * about 1627-10-18 + about 1698/9-01-20 (Julian) )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Adiman, Peterabout 1651-08-31about 1705-04-29


    1. Adiman, Effam
      1. Adaman, Peter
        1. Adiman, Peter

Source References

  1. Church of England: Aberford Parish Register Transcripts, 1540-1812
      • Date: between 1688 and 1690
      • Page: Page 86
      • Date: between 1650 and 1653
      • Page: Page 29
  2. Church of England: St. Ricarius, Aberford: Parish Registers
      • Date: 1690-02-04
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