Addiman, Elizabeth

Married Name Addiman, Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth     Birth of Elizabeth (Wife of Peter Addiman)  
Residence 1659-10-00 Almholme, Yorkshire, England Resides at Almholme, Yorkshire 1a
Death about 1659-10-13 Almholme, Yorkshire, England Death of Elizabeth Addiman 1a
Burial 1659-10-13 All Saints Church, Arksey, Yorkshire, England Burial of Elizabeth Addiman 1a


Family of Addiman, Peter and Addiman, Elizabeth

Unknown Partner Addiman, Peter ( * + about 1654-06-08 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Addiman, Williamabout 1626-05-04
Addiman, Richardabout 1625/6-01-15 (Julian)about 1628-05-02
Addiman, Thomas1627/8-03-09 (Julian)about 1689/90-01-28 (Julian)
Addiman, Annabelabout 1630-08-15
Addiman, Henryabout 1632/3-01-10 (Julian)about 1632/3-01-24 (Julian)
Addiman, Williamabout 1634-08-10about 1636-07-03
Addiman, Richard1637-10-29about 1706/7-03-22 (Julian)

Source References

  1. Church of England: Arksey Parish Register Transcripts
      • Date: 1659-10-13
      • Page: Page 189