Addaman, Thomas

Birth Name Addaman, Thomas 1a
Gender male


Is this the Thomas Adaman baptised in Kirkby Wharfe in 1585?


Event Date Place Description Sources
Residence about 1645-11-12 Towton, Yorkshire, England Resides at Towton, Yorkshire 1a
Death about 1645-11-12   Death of Thomas Addaman 1a
Burial 1645-11-12 St. John the Baptist Church, Kirkby Wharfe, Yorkshire, England Burial of Thomas Addaman 1a


    1. Addaman, Thomas

Source References

  1. Church of England: St. John the Baptish, Kirkby Wharfe: Parish Registers
      • Date: 1645-11-12
      • Page: Burial of Thomas Addaman (1645-11-12)