California, Marriage Index, 1949-1959

Author State of California


Number Title Type Call number
1 Ancestry Electronic


  1. Marriage of Octavio C Addeman & Janet J Defelicis (1954-05-29)
    1. Family of Addeman, Octavio Ceasar and De Felicis, [Living]
    2. Addeman, Octavio Ceasar
    3. Marriage of Octavio Ceasar Addeman & Janet Jane De Felicis
      1. Addeman, Octavio Ceasar (Groom)
  2. Marriage of Mary A Addyman & Charles E Bunn (1956-09-15)
    1. Family of Bunn, [Living] and Addyman, [Living]
  3. Marriage of Gullrmna Addeman & Mike R Chavez (1952-04-20)
    1. Marriage of Guillermina Addeman & Mike R Chavez
      1. Addeman, Guillermina (Bride)
    2. Addeman, Guillermina
    3. Family of Chavez, [Living] and Addeman, Guillermina