United States Obituary Collection, 1930-Current


Number Title Type Call number
1 Ancestry Electronic


  1. Obituary: Katherine Crain Compton (2003-04-06)
    1. Resides at 12 Lantern Drive, Greer, South Carolina
      1. Compton, Mary C (Primary)
    2. Compton, Mary C
  2. Obituary Notes: Stanley Seymour Addyman (2020-04-10)
    1. Death of Stanley Seymour Addyman
      1. Addyman, Stanley S (Primary)
    2. Addyman, Stanley S
  3. Obituary: Florence L Braun (2009-08-12)
    1. Family of Addyman, Donald Ross Jr and Braun, [Living]
    2. Resides at Columbia, South Carolina
      1. Addyman, Donald Ross Jr (Primary)
    3. Addyman, Donald Ross Jr
  4. Obituary: Robert J Addyman (2005-01-16)
    1. Addyman, John Robert
    2. Family of Addyman, John Robert and Eilek, Ann Mary
    3. Death of Robert John Addyman
      1. Addyman, John Robert (Primary)