Addyman, Mary

Married Name Addyman, Mary 1a
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth     Birth of Mary (Wife of John Addyman)  
Religion 1680-01-00 Parlington, Yorkshire, England Suspected Popish Recusant 1a
Confirmation 1687-07-28 Hazlewood, Yorkshire, England Confirmation of Mary Adamant 2a
Death about 1688-10-07 Aberford, Yorkshire, England Death of Marye Adiman 3a 4a 5a
Burial 1688-10-07 St. Ricarius' Church, Aberford, Yorkshire, England Burial of Marye Addiman 3a 4a 5a


Family of Addyman, John and Addyman, Mary

Married Husband Addyman, John ( * + about 1700-04-15 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Addiman, Nicholas
Addiman, Judithabout 1682-09-13
Addiman, Francisabout 1688-10-03
Addyman, Lawrenceabout 1736-10-06
Addiman, Johnabout 1749/50-02-07 (Julian)