Addyman, Sabina

Birth Name Addyman, Sabina 1a
Gender female
Age at Death 1 month, 11 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1900-10-00 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA Birth of Sabina Addyman 1a
Residence 1900-11-00 550, Stephenson Street, Pullman, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA Resides at 550 Stephenson Street, Chicago 1a
Death 1900-11-12 550, Stephenson Street, Pullman, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA Death of Sabina Addyman 1a
Cause Of Death 1900-11-12   Convulsions 1a
Burial 1900-11-13 Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA Burial of Sabina Addyman 1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Addyman, Byron T1852-03-231919-03-03
Mother Mulroy, Ida Alice1862-03-311913-12-21
    Brother     Addyman, Byron T 1892-02-05 1935-06-19
    Brother     Addyman, Namoie 1894-10-18 1895-08-29
    Brother     Addyman, Willard Adrian 1895-09-07 1939-07-30
    Sister     Addyman, Olive 1899-06-19 1899-06-19
         Addyman, Sabina 1900-10-00 1900-11-12
Father Addyman, Byron T1852-03-231919-03-03
Skelly, Catherine1852-03-001888-03-11
    Half-sister     Addyman, Emma A 1873-11-11 1920-03-21
    Half-sister     Addyman, Bella 1875-12-19 1954-03-28
    Half-brother     Addyman, James Thomas between 1878-11-23 and 1883-11-23 1952-12-25
    Half-sister     Addyman, Annie 1879-09-12 1933-02-23
    Half-brother     Addyman, Unnamed Baby 1884-11-07 1884-11-07
    Half-sister     Addyman, Mary Gertrude 1887-10-08 1964-07-30

Source References

  1. State of Illinois: Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1922
      • Date: 1900-11-12
      • Page: Death Certificate: Sabina Addyman (1900-11-12)