Addyman, John Charles Morley

Birth Name Addyman, John Charles Morley 1a 2a
Gender male
Age at Death 77 years, 3 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1924-12-15 Bromyard, Herefordshire, England Birth of John Charles Morley Addyman 1a 3a 2a
Residence 1954-12-00 The Square, Bromyard, Herefordshire, England Resides at The Square, Bromyard, Herefordshire 4a
Occupation 1954-12-14   Grocer 4a
Emigration 1954-12-14 London, England Departs from London, England bound for Sydney, Australia aboard Otranto 4a
Immigration 1955-01-11 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia Arrives at Fremantle, Australia en route to Sydney, Australia aboard Otranto 5a
Residence 1955-02-00 Shire Offices, Charleville, Queensland, Australia Resides at c/o Firth, Shire Offices, Charleville, Queensland 5a
Immigration 1955-09-09 Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand Arrives in Wellington, New Zealand from Sydney, Australia aboard Monowai 6a
Occupation 1955-09-09   Labourer 6a
Immigration 1956-06-28 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Arrives at Sydney, Australia from Wellington, New Zealand aboard Wanganella 6b
Occupation 1956-06-28   Labourer 6b
Event 1959-01-18 Southampton, Hampshire, England Arrives at Southampton, England from Melbourne, Australia aboard Fairsea 3a
Occupation 1959-01-18   Labourer 3a
Residence (Visitor) 1959-02-00 The Square, Bromyard, Herefordshire, England Resides at The Square, Bromyard, Herefordshire 3a
Event Note

Plans to stay in England for a year

Death 2002-04-05 South Australia, Australia Death of John Charles Morley Addyman 2a
Event Note

Reported in the Adelaide Advertiser, so likely to be in South Australia. Port Lincoln?


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Addyman, John Bertram Morleybetween 1884-10-00 and 1884-12-001961-04-04
Mother Bruton, Winifred Fabout 1890between 1963-10-00 and 1963-12-00
    Sister     Addyman, [Living]
         Addyman, John Charles Morley 1924-12-15 2002-04-05
    Brother     Addyman, Richard Morley 1931-09-27 2018-10-15

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