Addeman, Maria

Birth Name Addeman, Maria 1a
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1832   Birth of Maria Addeman 1a 2a
Census 1841-06-07   1841 Census Entry 1b
Residence 1841-06-07 Shaftholme, Bentley with Arksey, Yorkshire, England Resides at Shaftholme, Bentley with Arksey 1a
Emigration 1845-06-00 Hull, Yorkshire, England Depart from Hull on Rambler bound for New York, NY 2a
Immigration 1845-06-25 New York, USA Arrive at New York, NY from Hull, England 2a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Addeman, Thomasabout 1790-08-19about 1876-05-08
Mother Broughton, Sarahabout 1795-04-111859-09-21
    Brother     Addeman, Daniel 1826-05-10 1905-08-24
    Sister     Addeman, Elizabeth Harrott 1827-07-25 1894-10-19
    Brother     Addeman, Charles about 1829 1852-07-30
    Brother     Addeman, George about 1830-08-31 1895-07-21
         Addeman, Maria about 1832
    Sister     Addeman, Zillah about 1836 1899
    Sister     Addeman, Eliza about 1841-12-09 1917-07-23
Father Addeman, Thomasabout 1790-08-19about 1876-05-08
Robinson, Francesabout 17951822-11-20
    Half-sister     Addeman, Frances about 1820-06-02 about 1820-06-18
    Half-brother     Addeman, Thomas about 1820-06-02 about 1820-06-11
    Half-brother     Addeman, John about 1821-09-23 1871-05-30

Source References

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