Addiman, Sara

Birth Name Addiman, Sara 1a 2a
Gender female
Age at Death about 1 month, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1684-08-08 Almholme, Yorkshire, England Birth of Sara Addiman 1a 2a
Residence 1684-08-08 Almholme, Yorkshire, England Resides at Almholme, Yorkshire 1a 2a 2b
Baptism 1684-08-08 All Saints Church, Arksey, Yorkshire, England Baptism of Sara Addiman 1a 2a
Death about 1684-09-28 Almholme, Yorkshire, England Death of Sara Addiman 1b 2c
Burial 1684-09-28 All Saints Church, Arksey, Yorkshire, England Burial of Sara Addiman 1b 2c


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Addiman, Thomas1627/8-03-09 (Julian)about 1689/90-01-28 (Julian)
Mother Smith, Elizabethabout 1684-08-17
         Addiman, Sara about 1684-08-08 about 1684-09-28
Father Addiman, Thomas1627/8-03-09 (Julian)about 1689/90-01-28 (Julian)
Walker, Annabout 1681/2-02-01 (Julian)
    Half-sister     Addiman, Elizabeth about 1681/2-01-05 (Julian) about 1685-11-28


  1. Addiman, Thomas
    1. Smith, Elizabeth
      1. Addiman, Sara

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