Addyman, Thomas

Birth Name Addyman, Thomas 1a 2a
Gender male
Age at Death about 1 year, 7 months, 30 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1840-06-07 Yorkshire, England Birth of Thomas Addyman 2a 1a
Residence 1840-06-07 Hole House, Laverton, Kirby Malzeard, Yorkshire, England Resides at Hole House, Laverton 1a
Baptism 1840-06-07 St. Andrew’s Church, Kirby Malzeard, Kirby Malzeard, Yorkshire, England Baptism of Thomas Addyman 1a
Census 1841-06-07   1841 Census Entry 3a
Residence 1841 Hole House, Laverton, Kirby Malzeard, Yorkshire, England Resides at Hole House, Laverton 3b 4a
Death about 1842-02-06 Laverton, Kirby Malzeard, Yorkshire, England Death of Thomas Addyman 5a 6a

Age: 1½

Burial 1842-02-06 St. Jude’s Church, Hartwith, Hartwith cum Winsley, Yorkshire, England Burial of Thomas Addyman 6a
Residence 1842-02-00 Laverton, Kirby Malzeard, Yorkshire, England Resides at Laverton 6a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Addyman, Thomasabout 1807-04-191885-07-30
Mother Robinson, Maria1810-02-181902-06-00
    Brother     Addyman, Francis about 1833-06-17 about 1835-05-26
    Sister     Addyman, Hannah L 1836-01-19 1888-04-30
    Sister     Addyman, Mary Ann about 1838-02-18 1934
         Addyman, Thomas about 1840-06-07 about 1842-02-06
    Sister     Addyman, Catherine Elizabeth 1845-04-00 1910-08-14
    Brother     Addyman, John Robert 1850-03-10 1902-02-06
    Sister     Addyman, Jane Maria about 1852 1893

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