Addyman, Doris Eleanor

Birth Name Addyman, Doris Eleanor 1a 2a
Married Name Colando, Doris Eleanor 3a

    Married to William Colando

Gender female
Age at Death 32 years, 4 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1901-04-02 Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire, England Birth of Doris Eleanor Addyman 1a 2a 4a
Baptism 1901-04-17 St. Barnabas' Church, Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire, England Baptism of Doris Helena Addyman 4a
Residence 1901-04-17 11, Emerald Street, Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire, England Resides at 11 Emerald Street, Holbeck 4a
Census 1911-04-02   1911 Census Entry 2b
Residence 1911-04-02 11, Scotts Terrace, Wortley, Leeds, Yorkshire, England Resides at 11 Scotts Terrace, Wortley 2a
Occupation 1911-04-02   School 2a
Emigration 1912-03-13 Liverpool, Lancashire, England Depart from Liverpool on Ivernia bound for Boston, Massachusetts 5a
Immigration about 1912-04-00 Boston, Massachusetts, USA Arrive at Boston, Massachusetts from Liverpool, England 5a
Census 1915-04-15   1915 Rhode Island State Census Entry 6a
Residence 1915-04-15 18, George Street, North Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA Resides at 18 George Street, North Providence, Providence, Rhode Island 6b
Occupation 1915-04-15   Spinner in Alpaca Mill 6b
Census between 1920-01-00 and 1920-02-00   1920 US Census Entry 7a
Residence 1920-02-04 1911, Smith Street, North Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA Resides at 1911 Smith Street, North Providence, Rhode Island 7b
Occupation 1920-02-04   Spinner in Mohair Mill 7b
Death 1933-08-22 Providence, Rhode Island, USA Death of Doris Colando 3a
Burial about 1933-08-22 Acotes Hill Cemetery, Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island, USA Burial of Doris Colando 3a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Addyman, Arthur1872-12-081938-02-19
Mother Jackson, Grace Ellenabout 18811932-04-11
         Addyman, Doris Eleanor 1901-04-02 1933-08-22


  1. Addyman, Arthur
    1. Jackson, Grace Ellen
      1. Addyman, Doris Eleanor

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