Addeman, Richard

Birth Name Addeman, Richard 1a 2a
Also Known As Addyman, Richard 3a
Birth Name Addyman, Richard 4a
Birth Name Adderman, Richard 5a
Gender male


The Richard Addyman who lives in Pennsylvania in the 1850s was from England. That can only be the Richard Addeman who was a butcher in Sheffield in 1841 unless the Richard from Sheffield disappears around the same time as someone else takes the name Richard Addyman and travels to the USA.

The details on the naturalization declaration are not an exact match for Richard Addeman. The age is different by 9 years, and the arrival date of September 1840 is not compatible with a census entry in England for 1841. However, the arrival date was only declared in 1850.

Furthermore, the Richard who fathers Edward in Honesdale must surely be the same Richard who fathers Stephen in Honesdale several years later.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1811-09-03 Almholme, Yorkshire, England Birth of Richard Addeman 1a 2a
Residence 1811-09-20 Almholme, Yorkshire, England Resides at Almholme, Yorkshire 1a 2a
Baptism 1811-09-20 All Saints Church, Arksey, Yorkshire, England Baptism of Richard Addeman 1a 2a
Probate (Legatee) 1817-12-06 York, Yorkshire, England Execution of will of Richard Addeman of Almholme 6a

Amount: £500 at age 21 years

Residence 1833-10-25 Rossington Bridge, Rossington, Yorkshire, England Resides at Rossington Bridge 7a
Occupation 1833-10-25 Rossington Bridge, Rossington, Yorkshire, England Farmer 7a
Occupation 1837 10 Shambles, Market Place, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Butcher 8a
Occupation 1839 10 Shambles, Market Place, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Butcher 9a
Residence 1841-06-07 Town Hill, Brightside Bierlow, Yorkshire, England Resides at Town Hill, Brightside Bierlow 10a
Occupation 1841-06-07 10 Shambles, Market Place, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Butcher 10a 11a 11b
Residence 1850-01-11 Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA Resides at Wayne County, Pennsylvania 3a
Naturalization 1850-01-11 Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA Declaration of Intention by Richard Addyman 3a
Residence 1853-09-15 Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA Resides at Wayne County, Pennsylvania 3b
Naturalization 1853-09-15 Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA Petition for Naturalisation by Richard Addyman 3b


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Addiman, Richardabout 1758-09-051817-05-17
Mother Spencer, Annbetween 1765 and 17671830-10-22
    Sister     Addeman, Maria 1797-07-05
    Brother     Addeman, William 1799-08-15 about 1834-11-09
    Sister     Addeman, Ann 1801-09-11 1867-03-08
    Brother     Addeman, Thomas 1803-09-20 1870-09-26
    Sister     Addeman, Elizabeth 1806-02-16 1883-02-02
    Sister     Addeman, Sarah 1808-06-28
         Addeman, Richard 1811-09-03


Family of Addeman, Richard and Harding, Frances

Unknown Partner Harding, Frances ( * about 1819-06-14 + 1891-07-25 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Adderman, Frances Ellenabout 18451931-03-19
Adderman, Edward Mbetween 1846 and 18471917-05-07

Family of Addeman, Richard and Sharpston, Ann Maria

Unknown Partner Sharpston, Ann Maria ( * 1829-02-00 + 1910-07-15 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Addyman, Williamabout 1852
Addyman, Stephen E1855-03-211936-02-29
Addyman, Lizzieabout 1857
Addyman, John S1858-07-081929-06-07
Addyman, Aldrudaabout 18601897-12-04


Type Value Notes Sources
Merged Gramps ID I2115
Merged Gramps ID I4822

Family Map

Family Map

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